Elpros Prague s.r.o.

Address:U Smaltovny 1563/19b, 170 00 Praha 7
Telephone:+420 222 512 287
Mobile:+420 603 206 884
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Welcome to the website of Elpros Praha s.r.o., design and supply electro company. Our goal is high quality and comprehensive solution of electricity in buildings from energy audit through the design and delivery to it's implementation and maintenance. Thus, we cover the whole spectrum of services which you can during realization meet with.

The main focus of the company is in these areas:

  • energy audits
  • photovoltaic powerplants
  • heavy and weak current technology
  • building security EZS, PZS, EPS, CCTV
  • design and delivery of intelligent systems INELS, DALI and EIB
  • power engineering - substations, HV and LV networks
  • standby power sources - diesel aggregates and UPS
  • protection against lightning and surge

Elpros Praha s.r.o. uses modern computer technology, takes notice of regular training of all workers and improving their skills. Of course there is an individual approach to each contract and ongoing consultations with the client during processing of the project.

The right project is essential to the smooth running and maintenance of all equipment. Whether it is a family house, energocentrum with spare resources, protection against lightning and surges, or installation of the intelligent system including software.

Company ELPROS Praha s.r.o. operates in accordance with the idea of sustainable development and takes into account the influence and impact of it's products and realized buildings on the environment. That's why we prefers using of efficient technologies, intelligent control systems and not least the production of electricity from renewable energy sources.