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Electrical engeneering


Water World Chodov
The area includes the water attractions, ice rink, outdoor swimming pool and sports facilities, hotel and the office building. From the distribution network is connected via it's own transformer station, backup power provides 2x diesel generators and UPS power supply. Relocation of public and area lighting.
Submitter: AED

Residential houses Horoměřice
Objects A, B, each with 24 home units. In addition to high-voltage wiring systems is designed home telephone, telephone, TV, RWA - the fire system. UPS backup power.
Submitter: BIC

House of care service Roháčová, Prague 3
The 2nd and 3rd stage, including common areas - corridors, common room, technical room, gastro, coffee, etc. As an alternative source is used diesel generator. Also the weak current technology home telephone, TV, telephone and emergency call system.
Submitter: MS Architects

The Tyrš Bridge Reconstruction in Přerov
Includes the lighting system, relocation of public lighting, strong and weak-current lines. Also the building's lightning protection.
Submitter: Arch. Šrámková

ICU Transplant Unit of Hematoonkology VFN Prague 2
Complete reconstruction of ICU Department, part of the normal bed and hematoonkology department. Includes the main power supply wiring, classical and backed up installation. From weak current technology there are telephone, DATA and the communication nurse - the patient.
Submitter: Studio Penta

Kindergarten in Odolená Voda
In the extension of the Kindergarten building is solved the installation of electricity, with the UPS connection, then systems home videotelephone, TV, and telephone.
Submitter: MS Architects


Golf Area Vysoký Újezd
Sloping, more than 80 hectares golf area is near the protected area of the Český Kras. There is 19-hole golf with water hazards and waterfalls, there are also the restaurant and leisure building, operating and accommodation facility, two transformer stations and a practice tee.
Submitter: LZ atelier

The house of social care Hagibor
Reconstruction and annex building of health center to a relaxing area with a park and facilities for senoir in Prague Strašnice.
Submitter: Deltaplan

House of care service Roháčova, Prague 3
The extensive reconstruction of the apartment building of 160 housing units - in the center of Žižkov with respect to the requirements of new ČSN fire protection in buildings. Includes dieselelektric set built into the existing space.
Submitter: MS group

The docks in Libeň, office building V1
Typical office building in an attractive location of Libeňský island. The busbar systems are used to achieve a high variability of individual space. Installation of two transformers and two diesel generators are ready to satisfy demanding customers.
Submitter: AED


New villas Hanspaulka
Implementation of three apartment buildings and three parcels of solitary autonomous villas in the luxury locality in Prague 6.
Submitter: AA Lábus

The grids and transformer stations
This year, we have become partners of the Prague energy PRE in advance for the design of cable networks LV, HV, and substations. The part of our company permanently makes these long-term contracts for the main electricity distributor in Prague. The project documentation process includes a public hearing and ensures the building permits.
Submitter: PRE distribution a.s.

Logistics center for the production and storage
Company Sipral Jirny in the district of Prague - East. A wide area, including administrative facilities throughout the company with the preparation for other buildings and production areas with a direct link to the motorway D5.
Submitter: Deltaplan s.r.o.

Urban ring
We participate in the preparation of building sites for construction of urban circle - the processing of projects substations and cable lines realignment for future thoroughfare of the inner circle. Projects of these structures provide power for striking tunnel Blanka from street Dlabačová over the Letná and Stromovka to Troja.
Submitter: Satra a.s.


Česká spořitelna IT Center
Continuation of new buildings complex of three buildings for the Česká spořitelna in Prague 5 - Pankrác. The EAST building is an administrative building with letting units with built-in backup diesel generator.
Submitter: Omicron-K

Sports center hall AC Sparta
Becouse of construction of the city's inner circle the existing athletic club AC Sparta Praha hall had to be relocated. There is a new hall in street Podvinný Mlýn and in designing stage is rugby and athletics stadium.
Submitter: Omicron-K

Multifunctional building U Hájků II
In streets Na Poříčí and Na Florenci, Prague 1,next to the existing building U Hájků I. It connects the two streets by arcade with shops and two hotel complexes with nine floors and three underground floors.
Submitter: Deltaplan s.r.o.

The Prague Castle - New Palace, South wing
Reconstruction of historical protected area for the purposes of military administration and it's background.
Submitter: Prague Castle Administration


Ruzyně Airport - terminal North
Designs of particular restaurants in the newly built Prague airport Terminal (including data and security systems). Gigabar, Porto + Pub, Gourmet, B & W, Food gallery, EU café
Submitter: Drobný Architects

Hotel and boarding house - Špindlerův mlýn
Newly built hotel and boarding house Michael in a beautiful winter sport resort. 45 flats and apartments with a background.
Submitter: LZ Atelier

Škoda autoparts centre spare parts warehouse
A large spare parts warehouse of the company Škoda, a.s., located in an industrial zone of Mladá Boleslav, including 22 kV connection line and transformer station 2x 630 kVA, emergency gen-set 280 kVA and an outdoor lighting system. Also communication, security and fire protections systems Submitter: Helika

Hotel Paříž
Reconstruction of a hotel and technical facilities of a renowned hotel located in the centre of Prague energy-centre, stand-by gen-set, emergency lighting power supply unit, communication and fire protection systems and construction of public and leisure areas, fitness and sauna.
Submitter: Omicron-K

Jinonice castle
Reconstruction of a former manor-house and in Prague 5. Construction of new apartment houses within the premises of the former garden, including spacious underground garage, transformer station, connection lines, telephone network and security systems. There are 70 apartments, 14 lofts, a hotel, fitness with a swimming pool and an office area in the complex.
Submitter: DaM a Arkáda

Vikárka restaurant
A complete reconstruction of the Vikárka restaurant, wine cellar Broucek and former foundry at the Prague Castle.
Submitter: AA Lábus

Hotel Harmony Špindlerův mlýn
Reconstruction of a hotel originally designed for representatives of the communist regime in the 1980s and containing also several underground levels. Currently, the hotel is a comfortable centre both for leisure and business and incentive events during both the summer and the winter seasons.
Submitter: Deltaplan

TESCO Prague-Letňany, Phase III. Newly built commercial and leisure centre.
Submitter: Brema, a. s.


Boarding house Lovochemie
Reconstruction and annexes to the companys boarding house Lovochemie in Špindlerově Mlýně.
Submitter: LZ Atelier

Residential complex Kališnická - Domažlická
Newly built apartments and a hotel in Prague Žižkov, focusing in particular personal and property security. It comprises of 87 apartments next to the Vítkov Park, underground garage and small shop units. Complete design of electrical installations, including CCTV, ACS and FPS systems, data cabling system, public lighting and power supply connection line.
Submitter: LZ Atelier

Czech Savings Bank - IT centre
Newly built complex comprising of three buildings for Česká spořitelna, a.s., in Prague 4 - Pankrác. The IT-building has been designed as a computing centre of the biggest Czech bank with server zones, printing lines and large office areas. The energy centre of a total power of 5,8 MVA is backed-up by three stand-by gen-sets of the total power of 2,8 MVA and a corresponding UPS system. The other two buildings are an office one and a twenty-storey apartment house with 114 apartments and shop units.
Submitter: Omikron-K

Prague Castle, No. 2
The final phase of the reconstruction of the former Ladies palace which completes a long-term co-operation with the Prague Castle.
Submitter: Deltaplan a DaM


Pellé villa, Prague 6-Bubeneč. Reconstruction of the building for gallery purposes.
Submitter: Cetus Plus, a. s.

Residential district Dubový Mlýn, Prague 6-Šárka. Newly built luxurious villas.
Submitter: MS Group, a. s.

SLAVIA Prague football stadium . Sport complex - a new football stadium, training and background facilities included. Complete medium- and low voltage electrical installations.
Submitter: Omicron-K.

Library and Information Centre Hradec Králové. built public library with an Internet study and multi-purpose halls, including administration department and technical facilities (transformer station, emergency gen-set and the like).
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o.

University Hospital Prague - Bulovka. Electrical installations within the reconstruction of the Infectious Diseases Clinic.
Submitter: Puroklima, a. s.

Apartment villa Mrázovka, Prague 5. Luxurious apartments - electrical installation according to clients requests, EIB installations.
Submitter: D a M, s. r. o.

Family house Lysolaje, Prague 6. Newly built luxurious family house, equipped with the EIB system.
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o.


House Langhans, reconstruction and annexe to a historical building, Prague 1, Vodičkova street.
The project was awarded the "2003 Grand Prix of the Society of Czech Architects".
Submitter: Ing. arch. Ladislav Lábus

Research buildings of the Army of the Czech Republic Těchonín. Reconstruction and annexe to the buildings - heavy current electrical installations, transformer station 22/0.4 kV, medium voltage electrical installations.
Submitter: Puroklima, a. s.

Residence , Prague 9-Prosek. Complete electrical installations in the newly build house..
Submitter: Omicron-K

Productions facilities TAKADA Industries, Louny. Low voltage heavy current electrical installations and a 22/0.4 kV transformer station.
Submitter: Goldbeck Bau s. r. o.

House Na Můstku 388, Prague 1. Low voltage heavy current electrical installations and a 22/0.4 kV transformer station within a complete reconstruction of the building.
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o.

Productions facilities FURUKAWA Unhošť. Newly built production hall with an administration building of the company Furukawa Electric Autoparts Central Europe. Low voltage heavy current electrical installations, data communication systems and a 22/0.4 kV transformer station.
Submitter: ABE, spol. s r. o.

House Vodičkova 19, Prague 1. Newly built commercial and office building.
Submitter: Omicron-K


Hotel Kriváň, Prague 2. Reconstruction and an annexe to the building of a former hotel.
Submitter: arch. ateliér Arkáda

Family Horse Farm Třebotov, Prague-West region. Newly built riding complex.
Submitter: PAAR - atel. 1

Productions facilities MLS, Olomouc-Holice. Newly built production hall with an administrative building of the company Moteurs Leroy-Somer.
Submitter: Goldbeck Bau s. r. o.

TESCO Prague-Letňany, phase II. Newly built commercial and leisure centre.
Submitter: Helika, a. s.

Academy of Fine Arts - Gallery of Modern Arts, Prague 7(Exhibitions Grounds). Reconstruction of the building of the Academy of Fine Arts.
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o.

German School in Prague, Prague 5-Vidoule. Newly built primary and secondary school complex equipped with the EIB system.
Submitter: Omicron-K


Swimming pool TESCO Letňany, Prague 9. Newly built swimming and sports centre.
Submitter: Helika, a. s.

Akuma, a. s., Mladá Boleslav. (Re)construction of production halls within the companys premises.
Submitter: ABE, spol. s. r. o.

House Zborovská 27, Prague 5. Reconstruction of an apartment house (residential and office spaces).
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o.

Farm Chaby čp. 1, Prague 5. Reconstruction of the complex.
Submitter: PAAR


Longin Business Centre, newly built building, Prague 2, Na Rybníčku.
Submitter: Omicron-K

"Resslova" a "Mlýnská strouha" Bridges,in České Budějovice (Budweiss).
Submitter: Ing. arch. Roman Koucký

MAKRO, newly built warehouse and headquarters offices of the company (Makro/Metro), Prague 13-Luka.
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o.

National House Žižkov, reconstruction of the building. Prague 3, Bořivojova No. 1216/53.
Submitter: ESSI, s. r. o.


Prague castle - Riding School, reconstruction of the historical building.
Submitter: Ing. arch. L. Lábus

Czech National Bank - headquarters reconstruction, Prague 1, Na Příkopě No. 28 - wings: Hypšman´s Annexe, Senovážná, Social program and Main Safe (CNB exhibition).
Submitter: Atrea, s. r. o., Helika, a. s.


Modrá Pyramida (Blue Pyramid) , newly built building of the Building Society of KB, Prague 2, Bělehradská street.
Submitter: Omicron-K

Prague Castle, No. 2 Ladies Institute, reconstruction of a historical palace.
Submitter: D a M, spol. s r. o.


Deltahaus, newly built office building, , Prague 2, Šafaříkova 201/17.
Submitter: HM-projekt

Old people home in Dolní Cetno, Mladá Boleslav region.
Reconstruction of the building for new use.
Submitter: A-studio

Restaurants McDonald´s: in Tábor, České Budějovice (Budweiss), Hradec Králové, Zlín, Most, Prague-Modřany, Prague-Průhonice, Prague-Černý Most, Prague-Letná (Sparta stadium/Toyota arena), Prague - Řepy.
Submitter: Deltaplan, s. r. o., LZ-atelier