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Intelligent systems


House in Křenice u Prahy
At the end of 2007 a family house equipped with system INELS which was supplied from our company from project to it's own realization was put into operation. The system controls heating and hot water, connected with the HDO signal, lighting control, building security, blinds control, time and security features. The building is accessible by agreement.

House in Třebotov
Family house fully equipped with system INELS second generation. By the system is controlled lighting,  exterior blinds, regulated temperatures in different rooms, including air conditioning. Also is installed the security system and reporting of defects or other dangerous conditions - fire alarms, gas sensors, the building penetration, overvoltage, etc. This is done by commands from the wall controllers with integrated temperature sensors, data from weather-station, security sensors and commands transmitted via the built-in GSM unit. Of course there is visualization and access via the Internet.

Home unit in Záběhlice
The basic installation for owners' comfort in a small apartment in family house. The system controls the lighting level in the living room by Sophy Kameleon IR driver. Security devices are intergrated, including a gas senzor and fire detectors, GSM communication and central control of temperature and time dependent circulation of warm water.

House in Ptice
The family house consists of two housing units. Using an intelligent system is controlled indoor and outdoor lighting. The heating is controlled with the use of several heating zones and regulated by digital thermostats. Heating control works with HDO signal. Also are controlled blinds, garage door, switched selected outlets and other. The control system works primarily with WSB controllers.
The INELS system also ensures the security of the building incl. detectors. The whole system can be controlled via SMS and web interface.
Now there is installed a part of intelligent system, the rest will be installed later.

Home unit in Praha Chuchle
By intelligent system INELS is controlled the lighting, regulated heating and hot water systems with regard to cheap tarif HDO, and the connection to external system ESS. Everything from design to implementation and subsequent revision.

House in Hostivice
By intelligent system is controlled the majority of the technology in the building, is regulated heating, outdoor conditions are detected by weather-station. The security is provided by integrated detection system.
At present the final project is waiting for it's implementation.



Harmony Wellness Špindlerův Mlýn
By intelligent system is from the reception with the touch panel controlled switching and dimming lights in wellness area, including fluorescent lamps, diode strip and RGB lights. Are used as central control function.

Hotel U Hájků I *****
System DALI is controlling lighting in reception area and lobby bar. Includes a complete range of lighting  - light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, RGB lights, diode belts, etc.

Golf Area Vysoký Újezd
DALI lighting system is used in a restaurant, lecture hall and meeting rooms. Controls are not the DALI units, but it is a standard push-button control from standard instrumentation selected by architects.



Residence Beethoven, Prague 1
Luxurious apartment building in Lázeňská street (Prague 1 - Lesser Town) with full room management and WEB-based remote control.

KIKA Department stores in Prague Čestlice and Prague - Letňany

Full (indoor and outdoor) lighting control in the department store.

LIDL Olomouc
Flexible light and roof-light control system in the logistic centre of the LIDL company.

German School in Prague, Prague 5-Vidoule
New school campus; fully equipped with the EIB system for light-, temperature- and blinds- control.