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Security systems

We know the importance of a sense of security and protection of property. Therefore, we provide a complete supply, implementation and maintenance of electronic security systems ESS. From a partial to complete solution in the building or guarded security areas. We use the products from companies Jablotron and Paradox. We also use ESS integrated in an intelligent system INELS.

ESS - Electronic security system

     The basis of this system is movement and infiltration detection inside the guarded areas. That ensure magnetic contacts, motion sensors, infragates, glass break detectors and more. In the case of an alarm can be contacted CSG - central security group with non-stop alert. Or the object user can be contacted via SMS. Other EZS features can be done in cooperation with the GSM module - remote control of appliances, or the connection with other control system.

FSS - fence security system

     It is a passive system where the detection cables detects mechanical movements in the fence guarded area. The reaction is similar to the ESS systems. It is used to secure industrial areas - such as photovoltaic power plants.

CCTV systems (closed circuit television)

     The cameras are used to monitor the security areas. These images are then displayed on the monitors or are recorded. It can be analog or digital cameras, as well as IP cameras. These modern systems allow detection of the image, people and follow-up signaling to the ESS.

EFA - Electronic Fire Alarm

     By smoke detectors is in emergency time activated alarm. If the individual detectors are connected to a system ESS or intelligent system, the alarm can be reported via SMS, etc.