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Intelligent systems

We provide complete design and implementation of intelligent systems from consultation the customer's requirements, through design switchboards, schema object management and programming system, ending supply and system activation.

Automation of family houses and flats is introduced to optimize the comfort in devices controlling in the home and optimization of security. In addition the installation bus brings energy savings, central control functions and signaling an alarm. System offers visualized remote access via web interface, accessible wherever you have the Internet.

  • DALI
  • EIB / KNX

The manufacturer of system INELS is the ELKO EP, s.r.o. INELS is smart and comfortable electrical system, which is a comprehensive solution to the modern electrical installation. With that you can control lighting, awnings, blinds, heating, air conditioning and electrical appliances. Also you can secure your property and many others.

INELS system is designed to satisfy requirements from the smallest application of partial solution of wiring up to the solution of large units that require automation and complexity. System can be used for family houses, apartments, administrative, sales areas and for large buildings or complexes of buildings and industry. To realize these diverse applications INELS offers different levels of the system: INELS STARTERKIT, INELS, INELS multimedia, INELS & BMS (buiding management system). The goal is to bring user an ideal intelligent system with a favorable price. This we can achieve with the realization of the basic or only a partial solution that we can extend according to the requirements in future. With the acquisition of intelligent system INELS for users there are no costs and extents in future.

The system uses twisted pair installation bus, to which are connected all the sensors and actuators of the system. The bus means a transmission medium to which are connected participants, who exchange information by the bus. It is used to transfer the information and a power distribution.

The software can be programmed by INELS Designer & Manager. INELS is a cost-effective, centralized system for added convenience and variability object management.

For more information you can visit the manufacturer's website: www.INELS.cz

Options of exercise

Energy savings

The intelligent system INELS integrates regulation of heating and / or air conditioning. The system allows the individual room temperature regulation to promote efficient use of consumed energy.

Also the system can control the windows blinds according to exterior lighting conditions – e.g. when the summer sun is warming the rooms, the system will get down the blinds, air conditioning will not run so much to cool the room as without this measure – it leads to reduction energy consumption.
In winter provides functions like e.g. when you open the window, the system closes heating in the room, thus  it can avoid unnecessary heating with opened window. The same function is applicable in the summer for air conditioning.

The system can also control the lighting intensity according to the actual lighting conditions in the room.

It is possible to use time function for switching selected appliances, or. is able to disable them if the user has forgotten during the object leaving.

It is also possible to block the selected appliance, during the high tariff, switching outdoor lighting only after the sunset, and more.

Increased housing comfort

The system allows controlling the group of selected appliances. Eg. if you want to watch the movie, you will press the button, window blinds will get down, central light goes off completely, the other lighting in the room gets dark at 20% level, the projector screen gets down, etc.
The whole system can be controled via voice, remote control, or via touch screen, which also offers complete overview of the system.

The system can regulate the temperature in each room individually and thereby it contributes to thermal comfort for object user.

It is also possible to use the automatic lights switching with motion detectors from included ESS or use features such as automatic lights off delay, the lighting level regulation according to actual lighting conditions in the room, etc.

A separate chapter is the use of the system for disabled object users. Such as remote controlling or central controlling the system via the PC for disabled, audio messages for blind or group commands for infirm.

Remote controlling

The whole system can be connected via Web interface all around the world from any PC connected to the Internet. This allows controlling and the visualization of individual elements included in the system. Using this interface it is possible not only to check the current state of the system, but also to change it, to regulate heating, etc.

Another option is to communicate with the system via SMS. You can control the selected appliance, alarm, or lights. Also it can notify system's status and current settings.

Controlling the technologies in the building

The system can set the selected technologies and electrical appliances by identifying current user - after decoding, or after reading the card by the keyboard. So the system offers any possibility of intelligent automation.

INELS can control and regulate the technology of heating, air conditioning, garden irrigation, etc. The system management uses data obtained from indoor and outdoor sensors, or from installed weather station.

Security features

In system INELS is integrated the electronic security system ESS. When the guarded area is disturbed not only the report is sent to centralized protection PCO, but are enable the features such as: turn on the lights in the house, pull up the blinds, activate alarm. It is also possible to connect fire sensors which are not only power supplied, but the signal can be transmitted using the GSM module. These are only some examples of function. As a prevention of intruding object can be use a presence simulation of persons in the house - you can choose the groups of lights that will be during the absent arbitrarily switching on and off. You can also set the time at which the lights switch. INELS thus contributes to a better sense of security of the inhabitants of the house.

All error messages that are available can be notified – e.g. failure air conditioning, heating, presence of gas in the building, sewage pump failure, power failure, information on the precise method of building disruption, use of security codes, etc.


Intelligent lighting control system DALI

DALI is an international open standard which support many world leading manufacturers of light technology. Offers a simple way to digital communication, which together with the installation is very simplified. This standard establishes a comprehensive system solution (lamps, electronic ballasts, control units, lighting systems). It creates a decentralized system, where is a lot of information stored in each control gear - a unique address, assigned groups, the level of scene illumination and switching, the dimming speed, etc.


System EIB / KNX is a joint project of European firms, the installation of "intelligent buildings", developed in the interest of energy savings in building operation and a higher user comfort. Companies are grouped in clusters EIB / KNX Association - Konex http://www.eiba.com, www.konnex.org. These systems mounted in modern buildings provide both a standard control wiring in the rooms, including the creation of preset scenes, lighting control to natural lighting, real time clock, but also a logical connection with other systems in the building.
This is a controlled heating and cooling, depending on the time day mode, the presence of persons, ventilation system, etc. The system includes components for managing shading windows of buildings, closing windows, roof, heating entrances, eaves, etc.
It allows the integration of security features to protect the property, simulating the presence of people in the building, and other logic functions that may benefit from the information flowing through the common bus for all components of the system.

Assign function is variable and can be adjusted simply by changing the parameters of the software element. Part controls the temperature sensor may be required to display a real value, time, temperature regime, etc. The larger touch screen panels víceúrovňovému used to display information on the state system of the buildings or functional units. The highlight is the possibility of remote management via web interface or via a mobile phone. Our main suppliers of basic components are companies Jung, Lingg & Janke, ABB, Siemens.