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Environmentally friendly

Our planet is still more burdened becouse of human activity. With increasing standards of living is also increasing consumption of energy. We know the impact of our products on the environment. Therefore, we strive for maximum efficiency in energy using and promote the energy acquisition from renewable energy sources.

Energy audits can identify possible weaknesses, design solutions and options for redress and then evaluate the effectiveness of the measures. Another possible way to save energy, that our company prefers, is the use of intelligent systems to it's complexity and procedures. They can effectively use the energy needed for the operations of the building without the impact on user's comfort. The next chapter is the use of renewable energy sources. Specifically, the energy derived from the sun.

The above leads to a reduction in the amount of energy drawn from the distribution network, which certainly has an impact not only on cost savings but also to reduce the burden that it puts on the consumption of fossil fuels and our planet as a whole.